Libby's portfolio

This is Libby, she is funny, lively and has 10ft legs, seriously, they go on forever.

So not surprisingly, Libby is constantly being told to try her hand at modelling as a career. with this she has decided to test the market, and see if there is a future for her in this industry, and asked me to take some pictures for her portfolio.

Libby was very keen on keeping her look very fresh, casual and simple. She didn't want to wear makeup as this isn't her usual look, and she didn't want to try and make herself look older either. I think you'll agree, with this fresh gorgeous face, athletic lean figure and 10ft legs, accompanied with her cheeky funny personality, this girl will conquer anything she wants to do.

I hope these images help you on your way Libby, I loved doing them for you, and I wish you all the luck in your future...xx